Mr. Donut Goes to the Centre

  Jim Davidson, “On Staying Fit,” July 4, 1994

Probably this is due to my Mr. Muscle Workout Schedule! Otherwise known as Mr. Donut goes to the Centre. Actually, I have been going regularly, not because I actually like machines very well, but because my knees don’t give me a lot of choice. I just wasn’t able to put in the miles I needed to keep my weight in reasonable control and get my heart going, so off I go. Anyway, you know these machines, they do everything, miles/hour, cal./hr, total cal/time you’ve been exercising…. everything – can’t get away with slacking off or slowing down or quitting early and that’s good. I wonder tho, if it is not too complicated… they should use something that all of us fat folks can relate to, like donut units, as in, you have just pedaled for 33.3 minutes and used 2.1 donuts units, to give us a perspective. (Thanks to Anne-Marie Davidson for this contribution.)


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