Donna Unruh Hoberecht, A Walk on a Woodland Trail

  1. Rich Hayse 1 year ago

    Donna–Where is the forest in the beautiful pictures? “Pacific Northwest” is kind of a big place–can you narrow it down?

    • Donna Hoberecht 1 year ago

      Thank you for your compliment on the photos. This “forest”, actually a “fragment of forest”, is in our backyard. We were fortunate, in 1975, that a realtor led us to this parcel of land in King County, WA, where a builder was planning to construct a house. Our lot is a bit over an acre, and the back half was a wild piece of native woods. Our children grew up playing in the woods of the neighborhood. When I retired in 2002, I joined the WA State Native Plant Society and started maintaining a trail in our backyard. I have added more native plants to the mix, other than what we already enjoyed when we moved here. (This area where we live was incorporated as the city of Woodinville during our residence here.)

      • Rich Hayse 1 year ago

        Thanks. I was curious because my wife owns a small condo at Bayview Estates in Kingston that abuts a PUD forest that is completely natural (read: wild). Your work in enhancing the wilderness a bit is admirable.

  2. Donna Hoberecht 1 year ago

    When you come out to Kingston some time, I will be happy to give you the live tour of our trail. May is probably the best month to see the most blooms on the shade-loving natives in our backyard. A walk-through most any day is a lift to the spirit!

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