Dan Kinney as Santa – at Innes

Floyd Watson and Santa Dan Kinney

In the early 1960’s I knew I could make a fortune in sales and pursed a career (fewer  than six months) selling men’s clothes at Innes Department Store in Wichita, Kansas.  It was a very boring job and also did not pay as I thought it would.

My short career did make it to the holidays, however, and things picked up a little.  The holidays brought Santa Claus to the store.  Because of an illness, Santa was a short-timer and management approached me about playing Santa from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM.  Why not?  I said “yes,” practiced my “Ho, Ho, Ho,” and made better money being Santa than I had selling clothes.

It was great fun for a couple of days, but ten hours a day with curtain-climbers all over you, some crying, some screaming, and one peeing on Santa got old, but I had fun times telling kids “yes” to everything while parents were in the background shaking their heads “NO.”

Things picked up when I told Floyd Watson about a temporary job at the store, and he hired on.  Needless to say, we got paid for having a good time and joking around – a lot!

We did take time to meet several young mothers and Santa’s helper proved he could excel in that area.  With the holidays closing out, so did Santa and his helper, but we did get a picture of another fun episode during our pre-professional careers.


  1. glenna park 12 months ago

    Well, this is hilarious! Had I known about your special role, I could have organized a lot of classmates taking turns on your lap!

  2. Janice Bailey 12 months ago

    Marilyn, Diane, and Fred have certainly unearthed some notable and/or humorous facts about our classmates. I am really enjoying this website!

    • Marilyn Bellert 12 months ago

      Fred received that Christmas card photo and persuaded Dan Kinney to write the story. As long as classmates keep sending the sugar plums, we will continue publishing! Many thanks to you, Janice, for the stories you continue to provide!

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