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Wichita East Class of 1960 

Your 1960 classmates have contributed 450 stories and almost 2000 photos to this Virtual Reunion Website.  New stories appear almost every day. To find the stories, click on the Menu – either three parallel lines in the corner of your screen or on the titles across the top of your screen.

The Menu has six sections —

  • Community – Stories, memories, comments on our lives. December started off with great stories. Fred Elder’s trek across the north of England was so arduous and so interesting that it took two installments to recount. See Coast to Coast, First Half, and Second Half. Nancy Fulton Ingle danced the tango worldwide and did not hang up her stilettos until age 76. Doug Walton’s extraordinary paintings attracted thousands of students from the U.S. to South America, Bali, and Nepal. And don’t miss Barbara Hammond’s story about Miss Elfrieda Shellenberger, who is still alive and well and celebrating her 101st birthday on December 24. Barb tells you how to send her a card
  • .Reunion News – Virtual reunion news and plans for a 62nd Class of 1960 Reunion in Wichita, September 30-October 2. Registration materials will be mailed in early July.
  • Gallery – Photos, collections, artwork, East High memories, and reunions. Check out As We Were and As We Are and 2021-60th Reunion.
  • Find the Aces – Lists of Living, Deceased Classmates, and Missing Classmates are updated regularly.
  • Remembrances – Obituaries, eulogies, and memories. Sample: Georgeann Ferris Workman
  • Contact Us – Use the form on this page to send questions and tell us what you want us to know.

Tips for Users

  1. Search: Find classmates’ stories by clicking on the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. When a box pops up, type in the name and hit Enter.
  2. Page numbers: At the bottom of a page, click on a page number to move to another page of stories. Currently, Community has 22 pages of stories and Remembrances has 20 pages of obituaries and memories.
  3. Print a story: Place your cursor in the story and right click on your mouse.  Select “Print/Print Preview.” The entire article appears for printing. 

Thanks to our financial supporters

Maintaining this website requires a continuing stream of stories and photos, but we also need donations to pay expenses for licensing and technical support. Much gratitude goes to our donors: Marilyn Ash Barbeck, Lee Ayres, Gene Carter, Janice Collins Bailey, Bob Curry, Fred Elder, Dean Garner, Skip Granger, Rich Hayse, Gerald Jacobs, Dan Kinney, Eric Knorr, David Kroenlein, Donna Pennington Beyer, Garry Pettriess, David Robinson, Calvin Ross, Diane Rusch Zinn, Barbara Shacklett Adams, Becky Siebert Machacek, Debbie Snyder Tucker, Linda Soderberg McKay, Glenna Stearman Park, Tom Tatlock, Marilyn Tompkins Bellert, Dan Tontz, Donna Unruh Hoberecht, Tom Vosper, Carolyn Wharton Holloway, and Judy Zyskowski Moon.

We hope to hear from you! 

Website Committee: mbellert@niu.edu; elder@engr.wisc.edu; ddzinn@aol.com

Spring, 2021

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