Welcome to the Virtual Reunion – Wichita East Class of 1960 

Your 1960 classmates have contributed almost 280 stories and 600 photos to this Reunion Website.  New stories appear almost every day. To find the stories, click on the Menu – either three parallel lines in the corner of your screen or on the titles across the top of your screen.

The Menu has six sections —

Tips for Users

  1. Search: Find classmates’ stories by clicking on the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. When a box pops up, type in the name and hit Enter.
  2. Page numbers: At the bottom of a page, click on a page number to move to another page of stories. Currently, Community has 14 pages of stories and Remembrances has 12 pages of obituaries and memories.

We hope to hear from you! 

Website Committee: mbellert@niu.edu; elder@engr.wisc.edu; ddzinn@aol.com

Spring, 2021

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