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GOOD NEWS!  Plans for an in-person reunion to be held September  30-October 2, 2022, in Wichita are currently underway. Registration and Reservations information was mailed on July 27.  The mailing includes all the activities, the cost of each, and a response form for you to send so we will know how many to expect.  Our hopes are for 50-100 of our classmates to show up, and this includes YOU.  Help make the 62nd for our ’60 class one of the best yet!

The Hyatt Regency Wichita is holding a block of rooms for our class. Register online by clicking on East High 62nd Reunion or by phone to 402-537-4802 – as long as the rooms last. 

The Class of 1960’s Virtual Reunion started September 1, 2020, with the launch of this website and your participation. It’s happening NOW!

  • 4,533 visitors have clicked onto the Class of 1960 website, viewed stories and photos 53,301 times, and left 360 comments. The site has about 200 visitors each month.
  • More than 100 classmates have shared nearly 500 stories and almost 2000 photos.
  • More than 75% of visitors return to read more and keep up with new postings. 
  • Visitors to the site stay an average of 10 minutes and view 8 items.
  • The most popular items are stories of classmates’ lives, obituaries, and photos. New content is posted almost every day. 
  • Visitors to the site live in 102 cities, about 15% in Kansas. 

We want to hear from you. The more classmates involved, the better. Send content for the website to Marilyn Tompkins Bellert at or Diane Rusch Zinn at

Monthly Class of 1960 Zoom session occur on the 3rd Thursday of the month, usually. The next session is June 16 at 2 p.m. Wichita time. Contact Fred Elder for info: or 608-238-1625.

Your input now and for the 2022 live event will make our reunion activities more meaningful and more fun. Use the Contact Us form to share your ideas.

Marilyn Tompkins Bellert acts as Editor of the Virtual Reunion Website. Diane Rusch Zinn and Fred Elder work with Marilyn to craft the pages and expand participation. Funding and support for the site has been generously provided by Marilyn Ash Barbeck, Lee Ayres, Gene Carter, Janice Collins Bailey, Bob Curry, Fred Elder, Dean Garner, Skip Granger, Rich Hayse, Gerald Jacobs, Dan Kinney, David Kroenlein, Eric Knorr, Larry Fetcher, Donna Pennington Beyer, Garry Pettriess, David Robinson, Calvin Ross, Diane Rusch Zinn, Barbara Shacklett Adams, Becky Siebert Machacek,  Debbie Snyder Tucker,  Linda Soderberg McKay, Glenna Stearman Park, Tom Tatlock, Marilyn Tompkins Bellert, Dan Tontz, Donna Unruh Hoberecht, Tom Vosper, Carolyn Wharton Holloway, and Judy Zyskowski Moon. Additional contributions are needed to support a mini-Messenger in hard copy to be mailed in late summer, 2022.

That’s Jim Hamilton on the right. Last fall, he said that he was just learning about this reunion thing.  Now he writes stories for the website. Y’all come.
Wichita East Class of 1960
P.O. Box 771163
Wichita, Kansas 62777

Lee Ayres, Senior Class President says – “Many thanks to all of you who are participating in the Virtual Reunion, sharing memories, hopes, and dreams.  Sixty-two amazing years later, we are still here. Special thanks are due to Marilyn, Fred, and Diane, who accepted this assignment and sustain a website full of energy and great stories supplied by you. For now, we are gathering here, online, and your help is needed to keep this website operating. Send stories and offers of help to the website team or join me in sending a donation to cover technical support expenses to Wichita East Class of 1960,  P O  Box 4582, Lawrence, KS 66046.  See you around the website!

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