Barb Hammond, Coping with the Pandemic: December 2020

  1. David Kroenlein 2 years ago

    Barb, Great collection. My modest contribution to the many Grand Conjunction photos is attached. Clouds covered the sky late afternoon into dusk, when a hole opened in the clouds so that we could see the event. I recall that one of my less distinguished high school papers was entitled something like “An Astronomical Explanation of the Star of Bethlehem,” based on the Grand Conjunction back in the day. I didn’t clear it with my father, who was a pastor.

  2. Barbara Hammond 2 years ago

    David, I enjoyed your comment about the paper you wrote. Were there projections at that time predicting that the grand conjunction would come during your lifetime? Thanks for adding your photo, I hope we get some others.

  3. Jane Thompson Olson 2 years ago

    Barbara, I loved all of your very clever and creative entries. “Queenager” is a wonderful name for all of us in our late 70s. Thanks for the smiles these brought!

    • Barbara 2 years ago

      Jane, thank you. I’m glad you liked them. It was fun finding all those silly sayings and putting them together.

  4. glenna park 11 months ago

    This is an excellent summary of last December with an uplifting gift of Queenagers! We need and enjoy your life giggles. They’re very important for us to experience!

    • Barb Hammond 11 months ago

      Thank you, Glenna. I am honored that the editor chose to rerun this blog episode. I had fun putting the year together and actually found a use for all those jokes I was collecting from the internet. On New Year’s Eve let’s raise our glasses to all our Queen-ager and King-ager friends for making it through another year!

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